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Advantages & Disadvantages of Using Metal Roofing Sheet System

Advantages & Disadvantages of Using Metal Roofing Sheet System

Advantages & Disadvantages of Using Metal Roofing Sheet System

Introduction – What is a metal roof system?

A metal roof, also known as tin roof, is a dynamic roofing system that is produced out of metal sheets or tiles. These innovative roofing materials come in different styles and colors, and they have been in use in various ways for many years by roofing companies in Huntington Station. Corrugated steel roofs have featured prominently in American building society as a cheaper alternative to wood. Being portable, lightweight, and forming an efficient barrier against the elements, has made these types of roofing system a popular choice for most new home owners and roofing companies in Huntington Station.

But what are the advantages and disadvantages of metal and such other steel roofing materials? This article gives you the benefits and drawbacks of using a metal roofing system.

Types of Metal Roofing Components

One of the major points of consideration in choosing a metal roof for your house is the kind of metal sheet you are buying. Regarding cost and look, one of the best affordable type to use is Aluminium, which provides good value for money because of its durability and longevity, while options like galvanized steel have a certified long life ability.

Zinc is another popular choice of roofing companies in Huntington Station, and a lot of users prefer it compares to the shed roof sheet, although there are some other good options to consider like stainless steel and copper.

Another type is Metal Shakes, which is a style that has the nature of authentic wood but comes in a different class of design that is naturally durable than the wood it is mimicking.

Metals designed with faux stones are also available. If you are the type that is mindful about the eco-system, there are roofing types produced from what is known as “natural metals” which generate a patina as time goes by and they naturally fit into their surroundings while being 100% recyclable.

Metal Roofing Advantages

There are some notable points why metal roofing sheets stand out from other roofing materials. These include but not limited to:

  • Durability & Longevity

    Once properly installed, a metal roof is capable of lasting as long as the house is standing because, metal roofing doesn’t rot or crack, neither does it warp or curl. The shingles or panels doesn’t break or split, nor can they burn and the design doesn’t peel off for ages.

    Metal roofing seals off water, capable of surviving high winds and it can shed snow and thawing quickly. Metal also can resist fire, insects, mildew and wane. Most roofing companies in Huntington Station selling metal sheets provide warranties, which vary from company to company, but the minimum duration of warranty given by most roofing companies in Huntington Station to back up their products ranges from 20 to 50 years. Metal roof sheets that come with paint designs usually have limited warranties lasting 30 years.

  • Easy Installation

    Metal roofs are fast and easy to install, most especially if panels are involved. Compare to the conventional roof like tiles; metal roof sheets are seven times lighter in weight, which makes them extremely suitable for houses that appear fragile.

    In the area of panels, a lot of the metal roofing sheets available today come in 12 to 36 inch wide panels or what is known as “multiple shingle sections.” These are very easy for an experienced roofing contractor to install in no time.

    If you have some section of your room taken off and the weather forecast says there is an approaching storm, cutting back on the reinstallation process by a day or day, may prove extremely critical, and because these metal sheets are lightweight, you can save on high-level engineering while reinstalling the supporting structure.

  • Heat Management

    Metal roof sheets minimize the heat gained during the midday, by reflecting the radiant heat coming from the sun, which means you are capable of saving the amount of energy required for air conditioning during the day. Even though metal roofs are low in insulation-R-value, a lot of metal roofing systems make use of a dead-air-space that exists between the roof deck and the metal to increase the effectiveness of the energy.

  • Ability to Resist Fire

    Metal roofs are given Grade A fire rating because of their non-combustible nature. A major factor that sums up the classification of any roof material is the component beneath the surface that could flare up in intense heat. A lot of other metal roofs installed across combustible materials like wood shingles are rated very low, with Class C rating.

  • Low in Maintenance Cost

    You may never have to spend a dime in maintaining your rooftop overlaid with metal roof sheets. And even if you will have cause to carry out some minor maintenance, it is either to brush off leave sticks, or to repaint if you had initially painted the roof’s original finishing.

  • Better Resale Value

    Using metal sheets means that there would be no future dilapidating factor that is required to be rebuilt for the roof, as a potential buyer knows he or she will not have to think about replacing the roof throughout the house lifetime. Thus, the price value of the home will relatively be maintained in the event of a resale.

  • An Added Glamour

    The wide range of different styles that are available provides a chance to select the option that will perfectly fit in and complement the overall type and style of the home.

Metal Roofing Disadvantages

  • Cost of Replacement

    If by chance a part of the roof is damaged, it would be more tolerable to replace a broken tile than to replace a whole metal panel.

  • Cost of installation

    This the biggest drawback, as the cost ranges from $160 to $650 per 100 square feet. They are far more expensive than other roofing options, but due to their durability and low maintenance cost, they are worth the money.

    It is clear that the advantages of a metal roof far outpace the disadvantages and deciding on this type of roofing system for your home is one choice that you will not be doing wrong throughout the life of your house. It is also the top choice of roofing companies in Huntington Station.

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