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Are Roofing Contractors Friends Or Foes?

Are Roofing Contractors Friends Or Foes?

Are Roofing Contractors Friends Or Foes?

Introduction—The Nagging Questions about roofing contractors in Bay Shore NY

The task of choosing roofing contractor can something be very challenging in that the decision on which and on what basis to choose, is not always simple to make. Will the company be legally certified? Are they properly insured? Adequately skilled? Are their services financially affordable? Such are the questions that will keep nagging your mind because it is very easy to hire the wrong roofing contractor in Bay Shore, NY and hard to get the right one for your roofing project.

‘Red Flag' Roofing Contractors in Bay Shore, NY

There are two prominent kinds of roofing contractors in Bay Shore NY. They are the contractors you shouldn't engage if you wish not to throw your money into thin air. These are:

1. The Bottom Feeder

They are the types of contractors that usually offers the cheapest estimate, and consequently, you'll end up getting an inferior and poor-quality roof installation. If this type of contractor is small in its operation size, with just a few employees, know they will most likely be working out of their house, extremely difficult to call to account when the need arises, and such are always improperly uninsured to undertake roofing tasks. Therefore, they will be very unreliable, unskilled and entirely unprofessional in all aspects of their assignments.

Notwithstanding, bottom feeder types of contractors are not just limited to small size operators. They can also be a significant and more established company with a vast base of employees. Such companies rely heavily on what is termed ‘speed volume' and cheap production/service delivery to stay afoot and remain profitable.

The common link

All bottom feeders companies have one common link that defines their business personality. The common link lies in their business philosophy which entails ‘the cheapest price wins the contract.' No doubt, the idea of acquiring a cheap price is great and appealing, but there is a cost to be paid! To become the ‘cheapest', the cost associated with all the inventories in your operations have to be at the lowest minimal. Thus, this cost will include substandard or cheap materials, unskilled and unprofessional labour, and improper insurance endorsement and watered down flashing details.

One glaring fact that reveals an uninsured company is when the contractor doesn't have "roofing" insignia attached to its company name. For example, such a company name can be 123 Home Improvements or ABC contracting. Being in the business for over two decades, we, at ICR Roofing Corp have not only witnessed but have repaired and in some cases, prematurely replaced many roofs that were installed by the incompetent bottom feeders. If however, you were lucky enough to escape the initial installation backbites at the early stages, these roofs will start showing their problems in the next 5 to 10 years time.

Therefore, you must know now that such contractors are not your friends, but your foes.

2. Sales & Profit Company

The second kind of roofing contractor in Bay Shore, NY that you should be wary of is those not adequately insured and untrained, even when they led you to believe otherwise. These "sales & profit" types of contractors have large operation base, with huge marketing drive boasting a good labour force with high-pressure salesman and subcontractors.

At the initial stage, such contractors may be very professional and smart, but when it comes down to executing the contract, their work output and grade turns out to be extremely poor. The downside with these contractors is that they will cause you to be paying high sums for the job, including commissions, marketing budgets and the cheapest labour installation they can employ so that they can maximise their profits.

From such contractors, turn away. They are foes and not friends, and there are so many of them these days, making it hard to define the best roofing contractor in Bay Shore, NY. Any contractor that demand that you pay exorbitant prices for marketing budgets, commissions and the rest without providing satisfactory explanations in line with the contract to be executed, is nothing but a "Sales & Profit Company."

Production Based Contractors – The Place to Call

That said, it is still very much possible to find and employ the services of a good roofing contractor in Bay Shore, NY. Good and professionally qualified contractors with reasonable prices for the job. Such contractors are famously known as "Production Based Contractors." They are companies with legally established credentials and a well organised central base of operation. Their reputation is never in doubt, and they have the best insurance policy.

They have bonded, insured, and properly licensed employees with the best skills and qualifications for the job. What truly set them apart from the rest is their reasonable price negotiations while stressing and insisting on the importance of using quality materials for a quality job outcome. A production based roofing contractor in Bay Shore, NY will most likely reject a contract offer and counteroffer that negates the principles of quality roofing installation.

The production-based contractor comprises of well-trained crews and professional in-house employees having the best and modern equipment. The Production-base Contractor has a philosophy which centres on inspecting, specifying and then executing the best possible job that will not only meet the need of the customer but will also last and perform remarkably throughout the entire life of the installed roof application.

At ICR Roofing Corp, we are Production-based Contractors. Our primary goal is to exceed client's expectations with high quality, service reliability and execution as the sole basis of a professional roofing contractor in Bay Shore, NY.

Tips to know if a roofing contractor is your friend or foe

  • To summarise what we have just discussed above, here are some helpful tips to know if the contractor you are hiring is your friend or foe.
  • Check if the contractor is insured or licensed. Licensed—your friend. Not licensed—your foe
  • Ask for his insurance policy. If yes—your friend. If no—your foe
  • Contractor doesn't emphasise on quality—foe
  • Contractor's company's name bears no "roof" tag—foe. If it does—friend.


Now you know what kind of roofing contractor in Bay Shore, NY that's your friend. Call ICR Roofing today and get the best friendly roofing system installation.