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5 things to do when you have a leaking roof

5 things to do when you have a leaking roof

5 things to do when you have a leaking roof

Your roof may leak for a number of reasons. These reasons may range from physical damage of shingles and roofing sheets to excessive rainfall or wear and tear resulting from tests of use and so on. Some leaks may be small and may not be apparent until the rainy season or a storm sets in to reveal all the defects. Whatever the reason for having a leaking roof, you should get a roofing contactor in Huntington Station to help you take a look at it and give it before it gets even worse and results in the damage of valuables and properties. In the wake of a leaking roof, here are 5 things to do:

1. Remove the water

Once you have a leaking roof, be prepared to do some clean up whenever thr rain comes. Firstly, remove the water from the affected areas, furniture and properties. If you have a rug or carpet, you might need to remove it from the area and take it out to dry. This is important to prevent mold growth and ensure that the furniture dry in and out. Be sure to expose all affected areas to air and allow breeze to circulate to prevent the inside of the house from developing foul odours.

2. Call your Insurance providers

The next thing to do as soon as possible is to call your insurance agents. If you have home insurance, it may be possible to have a covering for damages to properties from roof leaks. Once you get in touch with your insurance agents, they’ll help you get started on filing all the necessary paperwork to get the insure process started.

3. Inspect the roof inside-out

Although we recommend the services of a roofing contactor in Huntington Station, you can do a light scanning of the roof to check for the possible cause(s) of the leak. This helps to give you more information when you’re speaking to the contractor. Be sure to inspect the roof from inside the property and outside. Again if you can, check the flashing, gutters and downspouts but considering the risk of fall, you are better off requesting the services of a roofing contactor in Huntington Station.

4. Check for pests

It is not uncommon to find wood-deteriorating insects as the architect of small roofing defects. Pests are also notorious for taking up wet and moist spaces and may begin to infest your home after damages from a leaking roof. If you start experiencing higher population of pests, be sure to check for wet woods and have an exterminator remove all the damaged wood to prevent further damage to unaffected properties and valuables.

5. Call a professional roofing contactor

Availing yourself of the services of a professional roofing contactor in Huntington Station is arguably the best thing to do when you have a leaking roof. A professional will quickly and effectively evaluate the extent of damage and is trained to safely navigate your roof with lower risk of falls. A roofing contactor in Huntington Station will be able to quickly estimate the financial implications and type of repairs needed. If there is a need for a completely new roof, a professional will help you to obtain the best possible quality.