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How To Undertake A Commercial Roofing Service

How To Undertake A Commercial Roofing Service

How To Undertake A Commercial Roofing Service

Introduction—what is commercial roofing?

Commercial roofing refers to roofing materials used for sealing the roof of commercial structures to keep them protected. It covers the framing structure of the property and prevents rain and such other precipitation from getting into the building.

Commercial roofing is one task that can be very challenging and most times, it is recommended that the project be left for professionals to do. It doesn’t matter what length of roofing project you want to carry out on your structure—is it a few tiles that need replacement or the entire roof that need changing or some minor repairs? Undertaking such task means you will need the services of a qualified professional roofing contractor in Huntington Station to do the job, among other things to take into consideration.

Factors Necessary for A Successful Commercial Roofing Project

Look for The Best Roofing Contractor

Once you have made up your mind to undertake a commercial roofing project, the first thing to do is to locate and get in touch with a renowned roofing contractor in Huntington Station, one that knows the nitty-gritty of commercial roofing services and would be sure to give you the expected and desired result. It is extremely necessary that you should first solicit the professional service of a roofing contractor because all roofing services are not alike and it is our recommendation to you not to choose any roofing company until when you have successfully verified their credibility. Referrals from friends and neighbors as well as online reviews are great places to get more information from.

Choosing The Right Company

When it comes to choice of roofing companies, the list available for your selection is endless. There are so many roofing contractors in Huntington Station out there that might even get you confuse on which one to choose. Notwithstanding, ensure that you should only source for companies who are duly licensed to undertake such roofing services and whose business permanent address is well listed, along with its telephone numbers and tax identification number.

Do they have insurance? Demand proof of insurance from any roofing company you will contact to undertake your commercial roofing needs. Ask for their liability coverage and demand to see their certificate for workers’ compensation.

Once provided with the above documentations, match the date stated therein with the duration of your project and see if the coverage will run throughout the period of your outstanding project. The reason for these extra measures is to be on the safer side when unforeseen circumstances occur. For instance, lots of businesses and homeowners have been sued in time past for employing and working with uninsured roofers who became injured during the job.

Therefore, you need to be extra vigilant because, if there is an uninsured contractor/roofer taking part in your commercial roofing project, and in the course of duty he sustained injuries; you risk being held liable for the incident, except the company’s insurance coverage is in place.

Extra Caution and Project Evaluation

Once you have been presented with a commercial roofing service quote, the next thing is to investigate further and verify the legality of the contractor or business. Check if the company or contractor have been professionally licensed and bonded. You can easily get all information about roofing contractors in Huntington Station from the state licensing body in your locality.

Regarding determining the roofing service cost, ask for a detailed and concisely written quote or proposal. Critically examine the content of the quote or proposal to know how the project will run and what specifications have or are likely to be made. Where you to come across challenging context or unclear terms in the quote; ask questions to get a better understanding.

Seek Quality Application

Another fact that must be noted when undertaking commercial roofing project is that most of the modern roofing systems require the issuance of special application expertise for the purpose of ensuring high quality and durability of the roof. Again, a roofing system installed by a contractor who is unapproved for that specific system would immediately void the warranty for such system. Therefore, it is highly recommended that you should ask to know under which manufacturers the prospective roofing contractors in Huntington Station are approved and applying from or under which one they’re licensed.

Ascertain Company’s procedures

To get the best quality for your commercial roofing service needs, get the company to explain in clear details how they plan to supervise your project and what quality control procedures are to be put in place that will ensure maximum satisfaction.

Furthermore, try to know if they belong to any regional or national roofing or industry associations—like the NCRA. Any business or roofing contractors in Huntington Station maintaining membership with this type of association has established a dedication to quality and professionalism.

Make Inquiries With Relevant Regulatory Bodies

To further ensure that a professional roofing company handles your commercial roofing service, you can contact the Department of Professional Regulations or the Better Business Bureau (BBB) and check if there has been any complaint filed against the company you’re considering.

Another way is to read online reviews from real-time clients to verify the trustworthiness and capability of the roofing company in question.

Company’s Warranty and Employees Safety

Some roofing contractors in Huntington Station offer guarantees or warranties to boost clients’ confidence. Ensure you thoroughly read and have a good understanding of the various mitigating factors that can void the warranty or guaranty.

Another important practice is choosing a company or contractor that is dedicated to employees’ education and safety. Inquire from the company what kind of safety training are available for its employees and which of the industry’s education programs have they attended. The reason for this is that even the best contractor is not better than the employee who is responsible for installing the particular roofing system.

Beware of Appealing Bids

Try as much as possible not to jump on the lowest bid wagon because the tendency that your project could fall into the wrong hands is always high in this regard.

There are a lot of low-quality service contractors who are always willing to offer attractive bids, not because they just want to get ahead of others but the quality of materials used and the work done are substandard, or they are not even insured. It must be understood that price is not the major determinant in choosing the best company. Things like professionalism, work quality and experience should form the basis of your decision making in the choice of the best company or contractor that will successfully undertake your commercial roofing needs.


Finding the right commercial roofing contractor in Huntington Station is not a difficult task if only you know what to follow and where to look. The tips we have provided here so far will guide you in finding the best right contractor or the best company commercial roofing contractor in Huntington Station.