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10 Tips on How to Maintain your Roof System

10 Tips on How to Maintain your Roof System

10 Tips on How to Maintain your Roof System

One of the most exciting life events is becoming a homeowner. But owning a home comes with responsibility. Once you have become a homeowner, you are immediately responsible for the maintenance and upkeep of that home. It doesn’t matter whether you’re living alone in your home or you have tenants occupying some parts or whole of it—you just have to make sure the house is in order so you and your family can enjoy the benefits that come with homeownership, even for years to come.

Why you need to maintain your roof system

The roof of your home is one major area that you always want to be sure is in excellent condition all the time. Who wants a rusty, leaky, dirty and ugly-looking roof above his head? Just as the head is to the body, your roof is the most critical aspect of your home—a major source of coverage and protection not just for the home but also for you and your loved ones.

A residential home with a damaged roof can result in some problems that you are not prepared to handle. There is already a lot to be done within and outside the home, and the last thing you should worry about is to come up with the ‘best laid plans’ on how to replace your damaged roof.

Here at ICR Roofing Corp, we understand the importance of shelter a roof offers your home or business. Being a business that has been in operation over the past two decades, we strive to provide knowledgeable and professional service every day of the year. Contact us and get more tips, estimate and recommendations from the best roofing contractor in Queens, NY.

Are you aware that a home that has shingle roof application that has been receiving adequate maintenance is capable of lasting up to 30 years? What about a home that features a slate or tile roof system that receives proper maintenance? It can last a lifetime! Sit back as we bring you the Top 10 Roof Maintenance Tips from the best roofing contractor in Queens, NY, that will ensure you and your family have the perfect and secure roof coverage to serve you for the next 30 years to a lifetime.

Top 10 Best Roof Maintenance Tips from A Roofing Contractor in Queens, NY

Below are the top 10 roof maintenance tips that you can employ to keep your home safe and secure for the benefit of your family.

1. Regular inspection

One way to ensure your roof doesn’t go bad so quickly is to inspect the roof after any major weather occurrence regularly and for ice, wind, or seasonal damages and debris, leaves and so on. Once you discover any anomaly, be quick to effect immediate changes and repairs where possible so the damage won’t worsen further.

2. Inspect your gutters

Always make sure your gutters are clean and well taking care of every time of the year.

3. Constant check on seams

Make sure you carry out a thorough search for any gaps or breaks in seams. Don’t negate cleaning away debris from trees and make sure that every single bracket holding the gutters are perfectly secured to your home. Failure to heed this tip and properly ascertain the secure conditions of your seams and brackets can result in serious consequences for your home and overall comfort for you and your family.

4. Critical checks on sealants

It is highly important that you look to see and ascertain if any sealant is dried out or loosed within and around your vents, exhaust pipes and chimneys. Such are usually the major areas through which leaks from inside to the outside can occur because; it is covering and protecting a hole in your roof.

5. Watch out for overreaching trees

Some trees tend to overgrow and spread quickly on the limbs. To ensure your roof is not damaged, cut off or remove tree limbs that are growing too close to your roof. Tree limbs that hang over a roof top can break when strong winds impact them, and when they do, they can cause serious damages, especially to the protecting coating of your roof over time.

6. Look out for critters

Remember the Biblical saying that “a little leaven raises the whole lump.” You have to be aware of the untold damage that can result from the activities of those little critters you think are harmless. We are talking about small uninvited animals that will explore every little opening in your home to take residence side-by-side your family. Look out for any weakness area in your roof, and if there are any openings, don’t waste time in calling in the experts from ICR roofing contractor in Queens, NY, to effect changes and repairs where needed. The last thing you want is a bunch of unexpected smart and ravaging guests such as racoons, squirrels, birds, etc., turning your house into a church.

7. Look out for infestation caused by insects

If you notice any rotten or soften spots in your roof, and you come across sawdust, wood shreds or insect faeces, they could be warning signs of probable infestation that requires immediate attention.

8. Act like a routine guard

Map out some days and time for yourself to walk around the perimeter of your home routinely while checking for any sign or activity that you may think warrant taking a prompt look at your roof. If you discover any shingles or pieces of shingles on the ground, it could be some parts of your roof has suffered some form of damages. If you are residing in a home having attic, you have to inspect it and look out for any leak signs like stains or streaks, soft spots in woods or signs of insects and small animals.

9. Check for Bending and Punctures

Check the flashing and clarify there are no punctures or bending. Bending and punctures are signs of structural damage and so you should make sure these are not present. When they are, pay attention that it’s nothing too serious. If it is, you can then call in a roofing contractor in Queens NY to assess the damage and replacement costs.

10. Never undertake any roofing job yourself

If you discover there is a need to maintain or change any part of your roof, don’t do it yourself, as you may inadvertently worsen the situation or damage some other areas within the roof. Employ the services of a seasoned and qualified professional roofing contractor in Queens, NY. Professionals like us can undertake all your roofing and maintenance needs.

Lastly, don’t ever attempt to walk unnecessarily on your rooftop. If you need to inspect your roof or to retrieve something from there, call in our expert at ICR Roofing Corp, and your task will be professionally handled.


If at any time you need an estimate or to carry out roof repairs at your home or business residence, ICR Roofing Corp has got you covered! You can rest assured that we will render exceptional service for you that is also cost-effective.