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The Growing Role of Technology in the Roofing Sector

The Growing Role of Technology in the Roofing Sector

The Growing Role of Technology in the Roofing Sector


In the middle ages, craftsmen possessing a varying degree of skills produce carts one at a time. Even the most excellent of those carts are not adequate to satisfy basic transportation needs. However, in that same era in Europe, highly skilled builders and masons are creating incredible stone cathedrals, implementing sound principles of construction and design that were intriguing as at that time.

Today, the technology of both construction and manufacturing is taking a new dimension, installing a culture of reliability, durability and outstanding quality. The residential and commercial building sector has been greatly impacted by the rapid growth in technology, and the roofing department is not left out of the new evolution. By a Computer Auto Design (CAD) and such other innovative advancement, the roofing sector is witnessing a wave of change in roofing sheet design and construction process.

Thus, this article addresses how the growing role of technology is transforming the roofing sector in the contemporary time and how you can get help from a reliable and professional roofing contractor in Bay Shore.

Notable Impact of Technology in The Roofing Sector

You may have been wondering how the nig breakthroughs and innovations have affected the roofing industry. Below are some examples of how the growing role of technology has impacted on the roofing industry; including the roof on your home.

The Exodus to the Land of Energy Efficiency

Over the years, there have been some remarkable innovations directed at achieving energy efficiency and cost effectiveness of the increasing use of durable, sustainable or recyclable materials. Presently, the shift is becoming more pronounced, and it will continue to increase in the near future as more and more homeowners continue to explore different ways of making carbon neutrality part of their properties while cutting down on the cost of cooling and heating their homes.

All across the US and Bay Shore in particular, the exodus to the technological land of solar panels seen these days on rooftops is on the increase on many suburban homes. The advent of highly safe and reliable PV units is setting to become the eleventh commandment on future rooftops. Solar PV tiles fitting seamlessly alongside traditional slates and panels which look like windows are gaining increased popularity, and in the coming years, they are set to become the standard material on most sustainable roofs.

Looking from an energy-saving perspective, other fixtures that will take the shine on the rooftop in the nearest future include the accelerating use of solar water heating. This tubes when affixed to the roof absorbed the sun’s heat and converted it to warm the water stored in the house. This technological breakthrough helps in cutting down on excessive use of boiler thereby reducing the cost of your energy bills.

The growing role of technology in the conservation of energy is currently playing a major theme in the design and equipment of roofs, and the trend will continue for years to come. The aim is always to manage expenses and to make our homes more environmentally friendly, especially in a time when global warming is a serious topic of discussion.

Using the roof as a major source of enhancing power from the sun appears to be a step in the right direction. Solar energy transfers power from the roof to the house and such other installations—effectively cutting down on over-reliance on the national grid, is a new and promising prospect, both now and in the future.

Drone Usage in the Roofing Sector

The advent of drones and the permission to use them within the private sector is already yielding positive impact if you are a roofing contractor in Bay Shore and some aspects of the construction industry. Drones are deployed for aerial analysis and overhead mapping and planning of specific sites that demands such investment; and today, the roofing sector is also benefiting from this remarkable technological breakthrough.

One critical aspect of maintaining the longevity and healthy condition of roofs is to conduct timely maintenance inspections that aim to identify and repair any arising issues before they constitute a costly and devastating challenge; especially on commercial properties. This is one area that a roofing contractor in Bay Shore would find that technology will ensure quotes are more accurate with full information.

However, the major problems that have always confronted owners and managers of properties are in securing a safe and comfortable access to the roof to effect the necessary repairs or outright changes. Such a process typically requires maximum precautionary measures being put in place by the roofing contractor in Bay Shore: from PBE, clothing, scaffolding or secured ladders to safety equipment.

But, the introduction of drone technology greatly eliminates such risk, hassles, and expense- mostly at the inspection stage. The fact that the roof can be photographed by the roofing contractor in Bay Shore from above can also speed up the inspection and resolution processes.

Internet Connections

Another great area in which technology has impacted on the roofing sector is in the use of the internet. The modern world today is termed “a global village” by virtue of the Internet and its capability. The internet is utilized to provide connection, coordination, control and interact with all kind of devices that are linked to the internet. For instance, you can use your phone to view and monitor the interior or exterior parts of your property through a router that route the images and video from your installed CCTV camera to the app on your smart mobile phone while being anywhere in the world.

Another typical example is your refrigerator telling you that you need some milk and juice while on the way home from work.

And All These Also Have A Place In Our Roofs!

Currently, some homeowners and commercial building managers have been installing high-quality technology and excellent WIFI put together to form a powerful, discreet sensor on your roof. This can detect leaks and such other potential damages that threaten your roof life. Even the integrated PV units installed on your rooftop can also be controlled through an app connected to a remote device to yield intuitive and cost-efficient solar energy generation.


Most of us have always dreamed of what lies ahead in the future and how best we can utilize the opportunities that come our way. Making use of the best that modern technology is offering our homes, particularly our rooftops, is one sure way of realizing our long-held dreams. No doubt, the computer age has revolutionized the roofing sector, and right here; we can help you find the best roofing contractor in Bay Shore that will take care of your technologically inspired roofing services.