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Top Environmentally Friendly Roofing Choices To Consider

Top Environmentally Friendly Roofing Choices To Consider

Top Environmentally Friendly Roofing Choices To Consider

Introduction—securing the future

One way we can help keep the environment safe is to become aware of the types of material we use in building our place of comfort. Constantly exposing the environment to harmful chemical compounds and pollutants can be very devastating to our collective health on the long run. Thus, most homeowners and any roofing contractor in Huntington Station in these modern times are becoming more aware of the environmental dangers that lie ahead, and a lot of people are readjusting and reorienting their preference in material composites they employ in their building projects. For we have to live and let’s live!

So, are you considering installing a new set of roofs over your house or simply considering replacing your roof shingles at some point? When looking for the right roofing material, most homeowners and roofing contractors in Huntington Station have a checklist consisting the various features for this immense big-ticket they hope to conveniently tick off. Most homeowners are always on the lookout for a roofing material that is extremely durable, environmentally friendly, energy efficient and relatively affordable.

Are there any roofing materials of such magnitude? That is why we are out here today to sort out the current environmentally friendly roofs and we came away with the best roofing options that guarantee safety for the environment while keeping us protected and comfortable at best. When next you are speaking to your roofing contractor in Huntington Station, be sure to make these recommendations to help the environment and beautify your home.

Now, take a seat and read on to find the best environmentally friendly roof that will suit your home and match your budget.

Top Green Roofing Options for your Home

  • White Roof or Cool Roof

    A cool roof is any roof that comes with a white or light color, irrespective of the material design. As the name implies, this type of roof reflect most of the sun rays away from the house, providing a cooling effect for the home. One big advantage of this type of roof is that it is cost efficient—saving cost on energy bills while helping to reduce the “heat island” negativity in cities. An example of this roofing material is white asphalt shingles like the GAF 25 years-Energy Star rated Royal Sovereign White Shingles--one of the least expensive and environmentally friendly roofing option for most roofing contractors in Huntington Station today.

    However, the fact that they are cool roof doesn’t mean it’s all-round environmentally friendly, since it is designed from asphalt shingles; it means some petroleum composites are involved, which often makes them almost impossible to recycle.

    For a better option, we recommend a white metal roof.

  • Slay Tile Roof or Reclaimed Clay

    From ancient time till date, clay and slay tiles have always featured in the building projects of many people. They stand out as the most environmentally friendly option for any type of roofing project that any roofing contractor in Huntington Station can use without difficulty. A standard curve of red clay tiles will match and blend perfectly with a home that has a Spanish design. On the other hand, nothing provides a better complimentary look than slay tiles for classy historical buildings. The pleasing thing about them is that they are natural and extremely durable; even more durable than metals. They can last for more than 100 years and counting. They come in different colors and they provide cool-roof benefits for homes.

    The only drawback with them is that not everybody can afford them as they are quite expensive. They are twice the price of metal roofing per square foot. Regular maintenance cost of replacing chipped and broken tiles is an added cost disadvantage.

  • Solar Panels

    These are less expensive when compare to when they initially became popular. They are designed to blend with different styles of different roofs (especially the part of your roof that is facing south) and can greatly save you a lot of money on the long run.

    Notwithstanding, the initial cost of installation is still relatively expensive, and it will take many good years for you to recoup your initial investment in energy saving on the long run. Therefore, if you’re the type that moves too often, it would be wise to wait for some time and install the solar panels on your next home.

  • Metal Roof (Standing-Seam)

    Your roofing contractor in Huntington Station is likely to recommend a metal roof because it is one of the most long lasting and light-reflective roof that is 100% recyclable. The advantage of this roof is not only for green homeowners but for all those that are planning to invest in a durable and high quality roof. You have the option of choosing a metal roof that is light in color and is designed from recycled materials. This roof is capable of resisting fire and can last for about 50 years and more under proper maintenance.

    For those living in snowy terrain, metal roof is the best option since it doesn’t allow snow to accumulate on it.

  • Corrugated Roofing

    If what you are looking for is a strong, economical and environmentally friendly roof, corrugated roof is your best bet. This roof can stand against any harsh climatic conditions. The roof is designed with advance technology devoid of any form of translucent plastic or any wavy sheet of metal. The numerous colors and styles that characterize corrugated roofs allow manufacturers to roll out innovative designs to meet consumers taste. The roof is light and has a neat appearance, and is very easy to install.

  • Shingle Roof (Recycled-content)

    There are lot of shingle roofs in the market today that can be recycled. These ranges from those that resemble cedar shakes, to recycled slate-look shingles. Shingle roofs provide a cheaper alternative to sustainable wood and pricey slates, while still being environmentally friendly. It has a 50 years life span.

  • Roof Overhangs

    If you are looking for a way to passively cool your home, Roof overhangs are great options. Under the right atmosphere and condition, a deep roof overhang provides adequate shade for your home against the sun, reducing electricity and energy cost.

    However, adding a roof overhang is very expensive, but if you are building from scratch or planning to effect some changes to the structure of your home; it is worth speaking to your roofing contractor in Huntington Station about adding a deep overhang.

  • Green Roof

    A green roof planted in urban areas has lots of advantages as it helps to reduce the effect of heat while cleaning the air. Furthermore, a home that’s designed with green roof minimizes the level of rainwater that runs down from it, while offering a cooling and insulation effect. The beautiful appearance of green roofs also adds glamour to the nature of your house.

  • Conclusion

    Roofing is a task that is best left for an experienced roofing contractor in Huntington Station to undertake since it has to do with climbing great heights and dealing with heavy materials. The bottom line is that you have a lot of options to choose from a list of pleasant cost-saving choices. But to get the best roofing and installation services, you can count on our experience to make your environmentally friendly option a reality.