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Top Types of Siding to Improve Your Home in Bay Shore, NY

Top Types of Siding to Improve Your Home in Bay Shore, NY

Top Types of Siding to Improve Your Home in Bay Shore, NY


Siding, which is also known as “wall cladding” refers to the protective material attached to the outer layer or exterior side of a house wall or such other building. Together with the roof, siding is one of the most critical lines of defense against the elements—snow, sun, rain and cold--which help in creating a more conducive and comfortable atmosphere on the inside of the house.

Replacing or upgrading your home’s exterior siding can sometimes be a daunting task. There are so many types of siding available for you to select, and choosing the best and most suitable one is not always easy. For instance, you have fiber siding, wooden shakes, cement, metals and many more siding materials and options available to you as a homeowner.

Notwithstanding, for every style of house and budget, there is a matching siding option waiting to be implemented. Below are some types of siding you can use to improve your home, using the services of the best roofing contractor in Bay Shore, NY.

1. Vinyl Siding

Vinyl siding is currently the runaway leader regarding siding materials used in new homes siding installations. This type of siding is very attractive, considering the facts that it effectively combines colors, durability and low cost—options that are very attractive to the budget-conscious homeowner.

Vinyl siding is available in different profiles: shakes, dutch lap, board and batten, beaded, shingles, scallops or fish scales, vertical and horizontal panels.

Advantages of vinyl siding includes:

  • Durability
  • Usually has a warranty of 30-40 years after installation
  • Very versatile and is not affected by termites or decay
  • Easy to maintain and is water resistant
  • Features extensive range of quality materials, including insulated vinyl, which is suitable for cold areas
  • An insulated vinyl siding can help in raising R value of your energy efficiency from 2-5.5
  • Is the cheapest option when replacing or upgrading your exterior siding.


  • Not waterproof
  • The color option you choose is always permanent. It cannot be repainted.

2. Wood siding

A good roofing contractor in Bay Shore, NY, will always recommend wood siding for your home because of the natural and elegant fit it offer your home exterior design. Everybody likes wood because it is easy to change the tones and color, which has the potential to make a home feel warm and inviting. Wooden siding involves different species of wood from which you can chose to improve your home. These are: redwood, spruce, cedar, fir, spruce and pine woods.

Notwithstanding the kind of woods available to you, you can also choose from four different profiles namely: shakes or shingles, bevel/clapboard, board and batten and engineered wood. Wooden siding is a prominent feature in the West and its classic and timeless look forms a reliable option for homeowners.


  • If damaged, it can easily be replaced with little quantities, as against other types of sidings which requires replacing entire panels and sides
  • Wooden siding is the most eco-friendly type in the market
  • There are no restrictions to what levels and colors it can be painted and redesigned.
  • It has higher R value compare to other siding materials, making it more energy efficient
  • It is extremely lightweight, which make it easier to install and save time, cost and labor.


  • Requires adequate maintenance
  • Insects, termites and water are its greatest enemies capable of wrecking untold havoc
  • It’s not fire resistant

3. Metal siding

When you are out looking for a roofing contractor in Bay Shore, NY, for your metal siding repairs & installations, ICR Corp is the place to go. Metal siding has to do with modern and retro style types of buildings. Some homeowners prefer the installation of metal siding owing to the fact that it gives a unique appeal to the home, if properly installed. Steel and aluminium are the most common types of metal siding materials in use currently.

While steel siding can easily get rusty, it is strongly resilient to hail damage. On the other hand, aluminium siding is a very popular choice, especially within coaster areas where it is able to withstand and protect against the salty air.


  • Metal doesn’t rust or mold, compared to other sidings exposed to water damage
  • Low cost of maintenance, even in the winter toughest condition
  • Unlike vinyl, metal siding doesn’t fade in color
  • Very resilient and resistant to fire, which is suitable for areas prone to wild fires or lightning storms
  • No place of sanctuary for insects in metal siding, while other forms of sidings require insecticide treatment against insects.


  • Poor installation can result in discolorization and rust
  • The material used for aluminium metal siding is soft and is prone to dent from baseballs, hail and rocks, etc.
  • Installing steel siding is more time consuming—a factor that pushes up the cost of installation.

4. Fiber Cement siding

Another popular siding option available for you is fiber cement. Fiber cement comprises a mixture of wood fibers, cement and sand. It is the most popular siding option after vinyl, and is designed to feel and look like natural wood siding, having less cost of installation, low maintenance cost and insect infections.

James Hardie Siding Manufacturer from Australia is the most famous brand of fiber cement. It became so popular due to its low-cost wood alternative and durability. Your roofing contractor in Bay Shore, NY, should always add this to the list of consideration.


  • It provide the feel and look of real wood without carrying the high cost of wooden siding maintenance
  • It is not prone to decay or rust
  • It highly resistant to fire—boasting a class 1A fire rating
  • Low and easy maintenance cost, with 15 years upfront guarantee from fading or chipping
  • Extremely versatile in texture and finish


  • Quite heavy and difficult for one person to install
  • It is 2-3 times more expensive compared to vinyl siding, its synthetic cousin


If you want to install or repair your house exterior siding, you will need the services of a reliable roofing contractor in Bay Shore, NY. ICR Corp offers you the best siding installations & repairs, giving you the best quality and most affordable rates.