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Warning Signs That Your Roof is Failing

Warning Signs That Your Roof is Failing

Warning Signs That Your Roof is Failing

Roofs usually have a significantly long lifespan. Many even tend to think it's everlasting. But as with all things, no matter how long it lasts, it would start deteriorating at some point. The length of service usually spans at least 15 years if you have one that is original, durable and of high quality. Several signs can indicate a need for change as the wear and tear from physical, environmental and meteorological factors kick in. It would therefore be very important to heed these warnings and plan as replacement can be quite a costly ordeal. Failure to correct or replace a failing roof poses a huge risk to the health and safety of you, your family and properties.

If you start noticing any of the under listed signs, you should start making plans to change your roof and call a roofing contractor in Huntington Station:

1. Loose or missing roof shingles

The moment your shingles begin to fall off the roof, the level of safety and protection starts to reduce. Shingles can loosen due to several reasons ranging from storm damage to due to several crashes on the room. Shingles can completely loosen and become missing when they are blown off, you’ll also find shingles in your gutter with time as your roof begins to wear off. These spaces left from the missing shingles can be effectively exploited by many damage inflicting factors that make your home less secure.

2. Defective shingles

Once any of the defective signs of shingles begin to appear, it is usually indication that your roof is aging and might just be on the verge of total damage. Defects that plague shingles may include curling of shingles, cracking, blistering or drying of the shingles. High levels of humidity and moisture contact can result in blistering while harsh weather conditions especially in summer can cause your shingles to dry or crack.

3. Sagging

Sagging is mostly experienced in roofs when it is supporting too much load or when it is old and deteriorating. A roof can also sag of it has not been properly installed. Whichever of the reasons Is responsible, you need to immediately get your roof checked and replaced as it could be as bad as collapsing. A collapse will almost certainly cost one everything within house.  Be sure to check out your roof for snow residue in winter as the extra weight can put a toll on the roof and cause it to sag.

4. Dark Spots and Dirty roof

Your roof will discover dark spots on some areas as soon as the granules on your roof’s shingles begin to fall off. These spots and dirty areas are an indication that your roof is nearing its life span. The dark patches could also indicate the growth of algae or moss on your roof. If any of these are noticed, the roof should be removed by a roofing contractor in Huntington Station as soon as possible. Do not attempt to do it yourself as it could be dangerous

5. Loosened Nail heads

Nails on your roof can begin to loosen because of moisture. As the moisture builds, there is an amount of lubrication available that allows the nails lose grip and fall out easily. These spaces left after nails fall out of place make your roof and home more susceptible to leakages and water penetration. The water may in turn damage your furniture or valuable if it finds its ways past the ceiling.

6. Water damage inside your home

Water can leak into any part of your home or attic as soon as the shingle underlayment becomes inefficient. The flashing on the roof can also become deteriorated allowing water to find its ways indoors. Your roof flashing finds a place around projections intersecting with your roof. Once these structures become broken, water will penetrate. In the absence of a good roof ventilation, mold and mildew can begin to appear in your home also.

7. Your roof is some 20 years old

Once your roof begins to near a score of years in service, there is a high tendency that it needs to be replaced very soon. An asphalt single shingle roof will last some 20-25 years if it was of top quality on installation. Even if you haven’t noticed any of the above signs, you can call a roofing contractor in Huntington Station to have it checked out and advise you on how to get a new one if need be.

8. Home temperature

If you have a bad roof, you will most likely experience more heat in the summer and more cold in winter. This is because your roof has spaces where air is exploiting to get in your home or because some of the solar reflective ability of the roof has worn and torn over time.

9. Heating and Cooling bills

This may arise due to insufficient ventilation in the home, making the inside stuffier and hotter or because of a damaged or leaking roof that keeps the bad air in and lets the good ones out.

10. Gutter Overflow

An overflowing gutter can signal defects in the roofing structure. Water collection around your foundation is also an indication of an improper functioning roof. Most of the factors that play a role in roof deterioration include weather, life span and environmental factors such as mould, moss, fungi and algae. Whatever the case is, once you start noticing any or some of these signs together, ensure you reach out to a roof contractor in Huntington Station to help you evaluate the roof and the likely issues. You can also have them draw out a plan to give you an idea of what the roof replacement is likely to cost.

It is highly imperative that you do not attempt to do an inspection on your own. You can however, use binoculars for inspection from outside and look out for signs that may manifest inside. To ensure your own safety, be sure to have a roofing contractor in Huntington Station check it out for you.