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Different Roofing Designs to Consider

Different Roofing Designs to Consider

Different Roofing Designs to Consider

We all have different tastes and styles which we all try to incorporate into different aspects of our lives. Upon all these differences, everyone usually desires to have a good and beautiful home to be proud of. The home is a necessity for everyone to live and rest in, and to protect oneself from some external elements such as the sun, rain, coldness and some other weather-related phenomenon.

However, in order to achieve the dream of building a beautiful home, the roof design is one of the primary things to be considered. The roof design is so much important that it goes beyond being meant for beautification purpose alone. Its importance in home building cannot be over emphasised. However, whatever your dream home design may be, remember roofing contractors in Huntington Station, NY, is there to help you build such design.

We can help you in choosing the roofing design of your dream so that you may achieve your dream home in earnest. In this bid, below are some of the top 5 designs that Huntington Station, NY, thinks may be your dream roof design and can help you design at an affordable rate.

Flat roof design

If the flat roof is your dream home design, know that it is the simplest of all roof design. In addition, the amount of roofing material needed for this type of design is very minimal compared to others.

If your dream is to have a glamorous terrace where you shall recline on for relaxation or an urban garden atop the roof, where an abundance of eco-friendly plants is grown, the flat roof should be your choice.


Whoever dreams of maximising usable living space in the home should go for the Mansard design because it allows one to build additional story under the roof. The mansard has four sides with variation on the hipped roof theme. This beautiful roofing style has two slopes. One of the slopes is low and much steeper than the other one that is at the upper region and contains dormer windows.

Gable (pitched)

If your dream is to have a roofing design suitable for all weather conditions, then Gable should be your choice. It is easy to build and live in and it can be vented such that it doesn’t collect precipitation or debris.

The gable is great for insulation purposes and allows space for an attic.

Shed (skillion)

Shed is an improvement on the flat roof due to a better drainage it offers against the flat roof. It has a single plane which is slanted on two sides. One of the sides is high while the other is low.

Whoever is interested in a better version of the flat side, then the shed is the right choice.

Hipped Design

Whoever dreams of a roofing design that is resistance to wind and ideal for warm climates where rainstorms are on the high side, the hipped roofing design should be the right choice. The hipped roof has two long sides with two shorter one as well. These long and short sides further slant down from a ridge in the middle.

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