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Five Common Roofs Defects to Avoid

Five Common Roofs Defects to Avoid

Five Common Roofs Defects to Avoid

Roofing contractors in Huntington Station, NY do their best to ensure that buildings are provided with the best possible roofing that will protect them from the elements. However, there are many shoddy roofing contractors in Huntington Station, NY that are unlicensed or simply unprofessional during roof installation projects. This could lead to the building roof having many defects. Some of these defects can be fixed, others may require a full overhaul of the roof.

Here are some of the most common roof defects that inexperienced and unlicensed roofing contractors in Huntington Station, NY are guilty of;

1. Poor Installations

Many roof defects that occur today are subject to poor workmanship. An example of such poor installation is fastening that may not be done right. When the installations are poorly done, it travels down to interior structure damage and many more defects. Roofing contractors in Huntington station, NY must be careful during installations to avoid installation-related issues to prevent damage to the building.

2. Leaks

Stagnant water, improper installations of flashing and moisture barriers, are what result into leaks. These can definitely result into structural damage and many more. Leaks can be avoided if installation is properly done. There are many great things that roofing contractors in Huntington NY can accomplish when helping you with the construction of your roof. Roof owners must also be sure that they monitor the construction processes. It is also imperative that roof owners try their best to call for repairs immediately they notice that their roof is leaking.

3. Poor Repair and Maintenance.

A good house owner who calls for the service of a roof repair contractor when defected areas are spotted should be commended. Yet, if care isn’t taken, the repair could further lead to another more serious problem with the roof.

Roofing contractors in Huntington, NY, usually try to avoid being hasty when repairing a damaged roof because that will add more damage. If a roof isn't properly maintained, it will certainly result into minor problem. For example, if your building is centered where there are trees, you should periodically check roof tops to clear off leaves, and tree branches that might have fallen on the roof. The roof repair does not have to be expensive, it should be of good quality.

4. Shrinkage

Apart from the aforementioned, shrinkage is also a roof defect. When you use a single-ply roof, it is expected to have shrinkage due to the fact that there will be flashing details and membranes drawing off from the structure it was fastened. This will result into leakages and damage. This type of defect can be avoided since it depends on the types of ply you use for the roof.

5. Blistering

Blistering can be caused by poor ventilation, moisture and the breakdown of shingles. The process starts by the collection of moisture, then thermal heating in the shingles will then lead to blistering which finally turns to a rupture. This has a long-term effect on the roof. It causes roofs to decay and eventually leads to the deterioration.