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5 Scary Hazards of a Leaky Roof

5 Scary Hazards of a Leaky Roof

5 Scary Hazards of a Leaky Roof

You noticed something unusual about your roof of your home lately. A tiny hole on the left wing that doesn't look too conspicuous. For a while, you consider having it mended, but then, no one will notice it easily, and besides, you hardly get that many visitors. So you turn a blind eye to the tiny hole. Why spend money, effort and time on something that doesn't seem to be bothering anybody?

What you just read is a common reaction among homeowners when they notice a leak in their roofing system. The myth flying around is that the only threat posed by a leaky roof is that of embarrassment among visitors or customers. This is a very wrong notion that has cost such people thousands of dollars. Let us take a look at some of the hazards of a leaky roof you probably never knew about.

1. Expanding Leaks

This hazard seems like a rather obvious one. But most people are unaware of just how fast a leak can expand, even when beginning as a small blemish. Leaks do not just stay there and wait till you feel the need to mend them, rather they expand until you have no choice BUT to mend them. Don't wait till your home suffers from severe water damage before making a move.

2. Increased energy usage

This problem comes about whenever cold air seeps out through a leak in the summer, and hot air is expelled in the winter. To keep the temperature regulated, you may need to adjust your heating and cooling system more than usual. Doing this will lead to a waste of energy and an increased energy bill.

3. Dangerous Mold

Wet roof layers serve as breeding grounds for molds and fungus. The people living or working in a mold infested building are in constant danger of respiratory infections. A lot of businesses have been forced to close down due to mold infestation of their buildings.

4. Animal and pest invasion

If you have been harboring a leaky roof, don't be surprised to meet a few large insects, rodents or raccoons playing around in your living room. You gave them a free invitation into your home when you neglected to mend the hole in your roofing system. The problem of pests is worse in cases where such a building is used as for commercial storage of edible materials.

5. Fire and shock hazard

It might seem a bit contradictory to suggest fire can be caused by water, but there is no better way to explain it. The water from a faulty roof can seep through electrical wiring and cause either one of two things; Fire or shock. Ceiling mounted fans, lights and other appliances are the devices liable to shock people who touch them or to cause a fire outbreak.

The cost of fixing advanced stages of the above problems can give anyone a heart attack. When you notice problems with your roofing system handle them immediately before they get out of hand. Just hire a reliable roofing contractor in Huntington Station, NY and have that problem fixed before you regret it. Visit for further information.