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How to Get The Best Roof Ventilation Design?

How to Get The Best Roof Ventilation Design?

How to Get The Best Roof Ventilation Design?

Good and proper ventilation extends the life of a roof and reduces problems that may arise as a result of a poor one. Not that alone, it will also minimize the temperature differential that occurs between the attic and the outside air. Moisture and heat are easily removed from the attic with good ventilation likewise.

Where temperatures reaches 150° F (65° C), trapped heat can damage many things ranging from the roof design to personal items located within the house.

Hence, it is very essential for any house to have a roofing design that protects it from external harm that could injure the inhabitant of such house. There is no house without a roof on it.

However, considering the role the roof plays, proper attention must be paid to how it is constructed to ensure that it serves its required purpose.

One of the things to consider is to ensure that the roof is designed properly to give the house proper ventilation. When a house is not properly ventilated, these are the things that are likely to occur such as the following.

The harms of poor ventilation on the roofing system:

  1. Rusting

    When the ventilation is poor, the development of moisture as a result increases rapidly. This moisture cause components of the roofing design that are metallic, such as nail, to rust and break off anytime sooner. Likewise, the moisture from the inside of the attic can make plumbing installations in the building to rust.

  2. Air Conditioner malfunctions

    Poor ventilation results to excessive heat in the living room. The excessive heat invariably makes the air conditioner to exert more effort to work more than required, despite the fact that it would not be able to cool the living room. This also signals that the air conditioner would be repaired or replaced earlier than suppose.

  3. Ice Dams

    When the heat that escapes from a poorly insulated attic melts snow on the roof, and it freezes at the edge of the roof before it drips off the roof, ice dam would occur. This phenomenon does not augur well for the roofing system at it shall damages it in no time.

  4. Gradual dilapidation of the Roofing system

    The roofing system dilapidates gradually as a result of excessive moisture that is caused by poor roof ventilation and attic insulation.

  5. Excessive heat

    Excessive heat is usually felt during periods when the weather is warm as a result of poor ventilation. Poor ventilation during this period means there is no exit for heat generated as a result of the sun beating on the roof to escape, the same way there would be no exit for the heat that rises from the house to escape. Therefore, the heat pushes downward to the living area.

How do I get the best ventilation design?

Usually, the answer is to meet the experts who offer roofing contract services. As the preferred roofing contractor in Huntington Station, NY, ICR Roofing Corporation helps you to choose the best ventilation that is befitting for your house design, as well as all related installation and maintenance services. Call us today for a free consultation.