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Maintaining your PVC Commercial Roof

Maintaining your PVC Commercial Roof

Maintaining your PVC Commercial Roof

A commercial roofing system is vital to the success of a business. A business environment that is not conducive will hamper productivity, and when that happens, the principal object of business, which is profit maximization, will become unrealistic.

PVC commercial roofing is a popular choice, and when we say maintenance, we are talking about keeping it clean. Have you ever consider hiring a professional roofing contractor in Huntington, NY, to clean your roof? You should because the best roofing contractors in Huntington NY (like ICR Roofing Corp) understand how the roof is made and how important it is to keep it at its best.

Reasons to keep your PVC roof clean

There are lots of benefits in cleaning a PVC commercial roofing system, primarily when the building is located at the center of major commercial activities. Below are some reasons why it is ideal for you to have a clean-looking PVC roof

  • It enables the roof to maintain a reflective order aimed at cutting down on energy bills by reducing the level of temperature while conserving energy within.
  • The process of cleaning the roof takes out algae growth and insects away from the roof
  • It enables the membrane to stay free from any debris that would otherwise reduce its performance and ensures its longevity
  • Hiring a professional roofing contractor in Huntington NY helps in discovering and resolving any problem that could potentially get worse over time.

Point of Caution

It is essential that your roof cleaning contractor take extreme care not to use excess pressure within and around some PVC commercial roofing. Typically, a professional roofing contractor in Huntington NY will know the right pressure to use, which usually ranges between 1500 and 2000 PSI Max area.

PVC commercial roof cleaning demands extra care around the wet membrane. The job is highly risky due to such slippery surfaces. All cleaning solution must be rinsed away, and the cleaning crew should never walk around them. Also, care must be taken not to damage the exterior that’s using the cleaning solution.

Furthermore, water under pressure must not be allowed to enter the roof at all. Curbs and flashing need maximum protection. Finally, care must be taken by ensuring that all water runoff rules are strictly applied so as not to contaminate any plant or have any form of groundwater runoff.

How to clean your PVC commercial roof

The cleaning process starts by rinsing off any dirt from the top layer using low, power-pressure washers kept at or below 2000 PSI. You must use the appropriate cleanser and ensure you use water with the same cleanser. Use a nonabrasive cleanser, which is usually powered and most are eco-friendly and made specifically for PVC.

Some of the tools you can employ for the cleaning task include:

  • A natural fiber cloth
  • Soft bristle brush
  • Pressure washer with a rotary cleaner attached to it
  • A floor buffer set to the lowest speed and with a non-abrasive pad.

When to clean your PVC roof

Cleaning your PVC roof may not be necessary if you already have a maintenance program with a reputable company like ICR Roofing Corp if such a company has been removing debris from your roof. In that case, plain water might just be enough to clean the roof as at when necessary. However, it is highly recommended that only a professional roofing contractor in Huntington NY should undertake such cleaning. Nevertheless, PVC commercial roof cleaning should be done at least once a year.

ICR Roofing Corp to the rescue

We are here to give your business and commercial building the spark it deserved. Call us now and let’s get your roof shining once more.