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Prevent Wind Damage to Your Roof

Prevent Wind Damage to Your Roof

Prevent Wind Damage to Your Roof

When high winds occur, it usually carries with it a lot of debris. In fact, wind damage is one of the common causes of Wind can cause severe damage to roofs by ripping off the shingles or via impact from a projectile being carried in the wind. If you are experiencing bad weather that involves high winds, you should follow these steps to reduce the amount of damage your roof sustains.

Ensure the flashing is well maintained

One of the ways that high winds cause damage to roofs is by getting under a loose panel of metal flashing and forces it away from the roof deck. You should maintain your roof often and if you find any section of flashing being exposed or not tightly fastened, you should reinforce it immediately. This helps to prevent wind damage as well as water penetration to the plywood beneath the roof. Another way you can tell that you have issues with your flashing components is if you see signs of water damage on the underlying plywood. Contact a licensed contractor to help you carry out roof repair in Bay shore, NY.

Make your roof more stable

Roofs that have steep gables will bear the full impact of the wind. To make your roof less susceptible to wind damage, consider reinforcing your roofing rafters with wooden beans to provide additional support. A good roofing contractor will carry out a comprehensive inspection of how your attic ventilation shafts react to high wind to see if there could be excess buildup of wind pressure during a windstorm.

Keep your surroundings clean

No matter all the precautions that you take to keep your roof resistant to wind and hail damage, none of that will matter if the threat of projectiles from falling trees, overhanging branches and other are not mitigated against. Trees near your home may be potential sources of wind damage to your roof. The easiest way to deal with this is to call a roofing contractor that specializes in roof installation and repairs to help you determine which parts of the tree to trim down in a way that will not hurt the tree. While tree pruning is something you would otherwise do on your own, some trees have strong branches that may be difficult to deal with using your home tools. Speak to a local tree trimmer to visit your premises and deal with your tree problem. Also, when you are done pruning the tree, do not leave the cut branches lying around as this could be carried during a windstorm and become a projectile of its own.

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