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Renovation of Fiber Cement Roof

Renovation of Fiber Cement Roof

Renovation of Fiber Cement Roof

ICR Roofing gives you all necessary information on the renovation of fiber cement roofing and the progress of the work depending on the state of the roof and possible cases. Is your roof fiber cement? If renovations are planned, be careful. Indeed, a fiber cement roof may possibly contain asbestos. It is, therefore, necessary to take many precautions before renovating a roof made of this material.

You will need to determine whether asbestos present should be removed and if not, under what conditions can it be kept. How to repair a fiber cement roof? We will see in brief the renovations of fiber cement roofing when you hire a competent roofing contractor in Bay Shore NY.

How to repair a fiber cement roof?

If your fiber cement roof is damaged, it is imperative to call on a professional like ICR Roofing contractors in Bay Shore NY.

The great danger of fiber cement roofs is the presence of asbestos. Indeed, this material is composed of cement and fibers. It was often associated in the past with asbestos, which was then the preferred insulation material of roofs. And as everyone knows, asbestos is carcinogenic. It is therefore essential to know if your fiber cement roof contains asbestos before starting the renovation work.

The presence of this material involves strict precautions to limit the risks to you and the environment, as asbestos fibers become dangerous only when the roof is damaged. Asbestos can pose a serious health risk if it is damaged and inhaled as dust.

The best way is covering if you do not want to do asbestos removal. This process usually costs less than an asbestos removal (especially because you do not need to replace the blanket). When overhedging, a work permit is required to keep your fiber cement roof without replacing it completely and it does not emit harmful fibers.

The protective material covers the entire surface of the roof. Asbestos cement is thentrapped and can no longer be an environmental hazard. The installation is obviously done without drilling to avoid breaking the fiber cement.

Removal of asbestos

The major risk of asbestos removal is the dispersion of asbestos fibers in the air. They can then be inhaled by people and endanger their health. It should be known that a simple mask does not protect from asbestos and its harmful effects. This is why it is important to call ICR Roofing, professional roofing contractor in Bayshore.

Asbestos removal from a roof consists of:

  • Development of an asbestos removal plan
  • Workers' equipment and site prohibitions
  • Confinement of the house
  • The transport of waste
  • For the asbestos removal plan, it is necessary to confine the house, to study the air and to put in place the equipment and precautions necessary in order to limit the risks of dispersion of the asbestos in the air.

When asbestos removal begins, the workers are dressed in special single-use suits. These protective clothing, as well as the special masks, will be incinerated after the asbestos removal. The site is forbidden to any unauthorized person during the work.

The house is isolated from the outside, it must be totally confined. The materials are then demolished and removed. A measurement of the quality of the air is carried out systematically to guarantee the reliability of the operation.

The debris is evacuated to centers for the storage and destruction of asbestos-contaminated waste. The rubble is numbered and marked before and after evacuation to avoid dispersion in the environment.

Removing asbestos roofing materials from your home requires a professional and experienced roofing contractor in Bay Shore NY. Call us today or send an email for a free consultation.