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Reasons Why Fall is The Best Time for a New Roof

Reasons Why Fall is The Best Time for a New Roof

Reasons Why Fall is The Best Time for a New Roof

Have you been putting off a roof replacement? Or you are not sure which season will be the most favorable time to get it done? Quite frankly, fall is the best time to get your roof replacement done. If you've noticed, during the fall, the weather is still pleasant and not too hot.

In fact, contractors too would have finished their busy summer season and would be ready to try out a few more contracts before they start slowing down for winter. Below are four leading reasons you should replace your roof during the fall.

1. Summer and Spring Have Taken their Toll

That your roof is so old and not leaking doesn't mean it's able to withstand another winter. Spring storm brings hail and torrential rain that might have knocked that last small bit of protection of your shingles.

You already know that the sun does damage to an old and aging roof, and this summer might have contributed to the weakening of your roof's protective covering to the point it wouldn't see another winter.

2. Snow is Approaching

It is true that your roof was designed to handle a reasonable amount of snow, but many times, storms dump more than what an aging roof can bear. The massive buildup of ice can overload roof tie-ins and flash, most especially if your roof's shingles have started crumbling.

If your roof faults the shingles, roofers can correct it while the shingles are off. Here the service of excellent roof contractor is a need to ensure no damage is done during correction. Roofers in Bay Shore, NY, has long been handling aspects like this to stop invisible damage from becoming worse before your roof has to face the problem ahead.

3. Fall Has an Accurate Weather

Undoubtedly, any day the weather is higher above the 45 degrees is perfect for roofing. Asphalts shingles, for example, require time to adhere correctly to your roof for proper thermal sealing. As a result of that, installing your new roof during the fall ensures that you have a few months before it gets so cold.

Furthermore, when shingles are applied at the perfect temperature, they usually form an airtight barrier against winter's snow and rain. Roofers in Bay Shore, NY, as well as an overwhelming number of experts who can place the shingles when it gets too cold, advise that you shouldn't wait till it gets too cold, else you risk breaking the shingles, which will attract more cost.

4. You Will Save on Winter Heating

It is an undeniable fact that new roofing materials are energy-efficient. They kept the sun's heat from coming in your home and cooled and heated air from escaping. Roofers in Bay Shore, NY know that once your roof is fixed in the fall, you spend less in the other seasons on climate control.

Thus, when you are re-roofing, it is a perfect time to make other energy-efficiency upgrades like insulating your attic. Interestingly, you may earn federal tax credit when roof replacement and other energy efficiency upgrades are done. And this makes it another reason to get it done during fall.