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Winter Roofing Inspection

Winter Roofing Inspection

Winter Roofing Inspection

Imagine that what is happening in Moscow is happening now in New York—a situation where half of the vehicles are covered with snow. Moscow is currently making the headlines for just how cruel winter can be.

So, are you and your home ready for the upcoming winter? How often do you inspect your roof? It is crucial to carry out a detailed inspection of your roof before the chilling cold weather and its accompanying burdens hit. A professionally done winter roof inspection can give you peace of mind and save you the cost of spending extra cash on repairs.

There is only one way of getting the best winter roof inspection services—by contacting a professional roofing contractor in Huntington, NY.

The danger of being indifferent

Many Americans, and particularly New Yorkers, are taking their roof for granted. That’s very wrong! Consider the damages caused by snow and ice to our roads and match that to the potential damages that await our roofs at this time of the year. The result is quite shocking. This is why you need to have your roof inspected by a roofing contractor in Huntington, NY so that you can avoid the adverse effects of the season.

Why you should always hire a professional for your winter roofing inspection job

A fresh, aggressive snowfall can add about 20 lbs of weight (when measured per cubic foot) to your roof. But, wet or partially thawed and refrozen snow, can add a further weight of about 60 lbs to your roof. These can cause severe structural strain and possible damages to the roof, especially for old houses, and for homes located in areas where heavy snowfall is recorded most time of the winter year.

Therefore, to prevent the roof from being damaged and to reduce the risk of injury to workers, it is necessary that snow removal is left for a professional roofing contractor in Huntington, NY. Inspecting the roof by yourself or with the help of a layman isn’t something that you should try because of the risk to life and property involved.

Benefits of winter roofing inspection

Below are some of the benefits you stand to gain from undertaking a roofing inspection before the winter kicks in.

  • It gives you professional guidance concerning the situation with your home’s safety
  • It helps eliminate costly and unbudgeted repair
  • It boosts the sale value of the house, giving a potential buyer more confidence to buy, knowing that the roof is sturdy and safe.
  • An inspection will help Locate and remove any debris from roof drain and downspout. Drains that are clogged can lead to water gathering from melting snow, which in turn, finds its way by leaking into your house
  • It helps your roof to function more efficiently as snow, ice, and hay are prevented from staying on the roof for a longer period.

Let’s get your roof inspected today

ICR Roofing Corp has been in the roofing business for many years. Whether it is a residential or commercial property, we are up to the task. With our rating, we are a reliable roofing contractor in Huntington, NY. So call us today and let’s take of your needs.