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Causes of Ponding on Flat Roofs

Causes of Ponding on Flat Roofs

Causes of Ponding on Flat Roofs

Ponding is water that stands on your flat roof for more than 48 hours after a rainstorm. It can lead to your flat roof deteriorating much faster than usual. Therefore, you must identify why ponding is occurring and get it fixed quickly. Of course, that requires the help of a flat roofing contractor in Baldwin, NY, like ICR Roofing Company.


Flat roofs are usually made up of several different layers. First, a roofing underlayment is put down. Then, the roofing materials are applied. Finally, a layer of fine gravel mixed with other substances is applied. Over time, the top layer, which helps protect the roof from weather and the sun’s rays, wears out. That is why if you walk around your building after a storm, you will sometimes see the gravel lying on the ground. When the top layer wears out, then the roofing materials can get damaged very quickly. Then, if you climb up on your roof, you will see puddles of water.

Decking Deflection

A second reason that you may see pooling on your flat roof is decking deflection. There are very exacting standards in how workers construct a flat roof. Yet, a large amount of precipitation at one time can overtake even the best constructed flat roofs. In the Baldwin, New York, area and many other places, this can come as rain or as heavy snow. When the roof cannot handle the weight of the moisture, then the roof’s support beams can be damaged. When this occurs, you will often see water pooling in the center of the roof because that is where most of the water’s weight ends up. It is possible, however, to see it any place on the roof.

Heavy Rooftop Units

Heavy items on your roof, like HVAC systems, are prone to cause pooling. Massive rooftop units can be an issue if water cannot flow by these units, causing it the water to pool. Additionally, your building’s skylights can be another place where water often ponds. Having tapered installation, called crickets, can often direct the water around heavy rooftop units.

Clogged or Blocked Drains

As you may know, your flat roof is not flat, but gentle slopes direct the water to drains that move the water away. When the water cannot get to the drain, then it pools. Inspect your drains regularly to make sure that they have not sunk deeper into the roof because even a minor lip on the drain can block a significant amount of water from entering. Additionally, make sure that the drains are not clogged by leaves or other debris regularly.

If you need a roofing contractor in Baldwin, NY, who is an expert on fixing flat roofs contact ICR Roofing Corp. This roofing contractor in Baldwin, NY, will be glad to take a look and suggest a solution to any roofing issue.