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Five Ways to Increase Energy Efficiency of Your New York Roof

Five Ways to Increase Energy Efficiency of Your New York Roof

Five Ways to Increase Energy Efficiency of Your New York Roof

Do you want to make sure that your home is running as efficiently as possible?  Your home could be losing energy if your roof is not functioning properly or if you have been neglecting basic roof upkeep.  As roofing contractors in Baldwin, NY, we offer expertise to help our clients design a roof that helps their home become more energy efficient so they can save money on their utility bills.  We also implement repairs that keep their roof running efficiently and saving energy.  By using one of these five ways, you can improve the energy efficiency of your roof and help save money on your bills.

Consider a Reflective Roof

Reflective roofing materials reflect the sunlight, which reduces the amount of heat that builds up in your home.  When you choose your roofing material, be mindful of colors, designs, and materials that allow the sunlight to bounce off the roof.  Metal roofs and darker shingles prevent heat from being transferred into the internal space of your home.   There is even a specific line of solar-reflecting colors offered from many shingle companies, and we can help match you with the best one for your home.

Add Insulation

When you aren't quite ready to replace your entire roof with a new material, you should consider adding insulation to the area between your ceilings and your roof.  If you have attic space, this will be an easy project for you to complete.  Upgrading your insulation is a simple way to effectively increase the energy efficiency of your home.  This is a great option for our roofing contractors in Baldwin, NY in order to help homeowners retain heat in their homes during the winter.

Improve Roof Ventilation

Fresh air actually plays a large role in curbing energy costs in your home.  Allowing air to flow in and out of the home will actually prolong the life of the materials used in your roof and attic.  With the proper intake and exhaust vents, you allow natural air to flow through your home, which prevents excessive heating from building up.  This helps keep cooling costs down.  

Install a Radiant Barrier

A radiant barrier provides a coating that helps to reflect the sunlight and keep the heat away from entering the home.  This barrier can be applied when you are reroofing your home, making it an easy installation for your roofers in Orlando to perform when they are already up there.  A radiant barrier looks as though you have painted a silver coating underneath the roofing materials, but it actually acts as a barrier that keeps heat away from your attic.  This can drastically lower your energy bills.

Install a Metal Roof

Metal roofs are designed to also reflect the sunlight, which helps to reduce air conditioning costs and minimize heat buildup.  Although metal roofs are more expensive to install, they are longer lasting and much more energy efficient than other traditional roofing materials.  This means that you will likely save money on energy bills and less roof repairs in the long run.

These are just a few of the ways your roof can run efficiently to help you curb your energy costs.  As roofing contractors in Baldwin, NY, we can offer suggestions and implement repairs that can help you save money by installing energy efficient materials on your roof.  Contact us today to schedule an inspection.