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Roofing Tips for Facility Managers

Roofing Tips for Facility Managers

Roofing Tips for Facility Managers

As you drive across Baldwin, New York, you will see many types of facilities, including health care facilities, recreational facilities, businesses, and industrial facilities. If you are one of the managers for these facilities, then you may not pay a lot of attention to your facility’s roof until it starts to leak. The truth of the matter is that you can help control roofing costs and make your building’s roof last longer by following some simple tips.

Collect Roofing Data

At a bare minimum, you should record the number of roofs, their size, their age, and their maintenance history in a safe place. While that is a great place to begin, you also need to keep records of other essential facts about your roof. You will want to have a drainage plan and know how much thermal insulation is in different areas of your roof. You also need to make a record of all equipment that has been or is on the roof along with their maintenance records. Of course, you will also want to keep track of any roofing warranties that are still in effect.

Regularly Inspect the Roof

As a manager of a facility, you should regularly be inspecting the roof. It often pays to have a professional inspect your facility’s roof at least twice a year so that problems can be spotted early. The best time to do these inspections is in March so that damage from the winter can be detected and in October so that workers can isolate damage from the summer storms and heat. If the roofing contractor finds damage, then identify if the roof is still under warranty, it is the result of storm damage or if you must pay for repairs out of company money.

Consider Roof Safety

It is also imperative that you consider your roof’s safety. Make sure that your roof meets all local building codes along with codes released by the Occupations Safety and Health Administration. You may also want to consider adding ladders, stairs, or another item to make your roof more accessible. Buildings where the roof is easily accessible receive better maintenance, which can affect the amount of money that you pay out in repairs. You should also develop a written policy about who is allowed on the roof and for what purposes as foot traffic can damage your roof.

Above all else, it is vital that you hire the right roofing contractor in Baldwin, NY. Working with a stable professional allows them to build knowledge of your roof and its unique characteristics. When you choose a roofing contractor in Baldwin, NY, shortlist ICR Roofing Corp. With years of experience, they can help you spot problems early, find workable roofing solutions, and minimize disruption to your business. They are a preferred Owens Corning contractor and are authorized by Carlisle to work on their systems.