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Seven Tips to Preparing Your Home for Winter in New York

Seven Tips to Preparing Your Home for Winter in New York

Seven Tips to Preparing Your Home for Winter in New York

Are you tired of suffering from the harsh winters, freezing temperatures, and snow accumulation in New York?  You can prevent damage to your home or cold drafts from entering your home by taking a few precautions before winter comes.  As roofing contractors in Baldwin, NY, we help many of our clients prepare their rooftops and exterior features of their home to endure the coldest months of the year.  There are a few tips you can follow in order to prepare you home for winter in New York.  

Turn Off Outdoor Plumbing

By turning off your outdoor plumbing, such as hoses and exposed pipes, this will help to prevent freezing and burst pipes during freezing temperatures.  Burst pipes can cause water damage and destruction to your home.  Be sure to turn off these water lines, drain the entire pipe, and then insulate or protect the outdoor water faucets.

Inspect for Drafts

When you are sitting near a window or door, you may notice a small draft of cold air.  This typically indicates a crack or break in the seal.  Use caulk to secure those areas, which are typically found around windowsills or door seams.  This will prevent you from incurring additional costs to heating your home.


When you are feeling cold in your home despite how hot you crank up the heat, your house is likely not energy efficient.  Adding insulation into your attic or your walls can help to keep the heat inside your home during the harsh winters.  Roofing contractors in Baldwin, NY can help you determine whether you have any leaks or drafts coming into your home through your rooftops.  This might even include insulating the areas around pipes to also help them from freezing and damaging your home.

Keep Your Pipes Warm

If you have interior faucets that lead to pipes on exterior or uninsulated walls, it is recommended to leave them on with a slow drip.  When you leave your faucets on during freezing temperatures, it keeps warm water flowing through your pipes.  This helps them avoid freezing and bursting.  In case of an emergency, you want to make sure to keep the area around your water lines clear of your belongings.

Keep Garage Doors Closed

When you leave your garage doors open, you are allowing all the warm air from inside your home to escape outdoors.  Because garage doors are large, a lot of air can easily escape.  This can drastically reduce the internal temperatures of your home.  Save money and stay warm by simply closing the garage doors behind you.

Avoid Ice Accumulation

Ice accumulation on your roof can cause much damage to the structure and function of your home.  In order to avoid this, make sure that your gutters are clean.  Roofing contractors can often come to your home to perform a quality gutter cleaning service.  Remove any debris, such as leaves, dirt, and dust, from your gutters so that water can flow freely away from your house.  

Check Your Thermostat

Before winter comes, be sure to check that your thermostat is fully functioning.  Play around with the settings and check back frequently to ensure that the air in the home reflects the changes you've made.  Also be sure to keep extra batteries on hand in case of any emergency.

By following these seven steps, you can prepare your home for winter and keep safe from harsh New York winters.  When you are looking for roofing contractors in Baldwin, NY to help you prepare your rooftop for harsh winters and freezing temperatures, contact us today to hear about how we can help.