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What type of roof do you have?

What type of roof do you have?

What type of roof do you have?

Baldwin, New York, was first settled as Hick’s Neck about 1643, although Native Americans had lived in the area much earlier. The community’s name was changed to Milburn at the beginning of the 19th century, before becoming known as Baldwin in 1855. If you live in one of the beautiful older homes in the area, then you may want to think about using a roof from the correct period to increase the curb appeal of your home. Before you proceed, however, it is important to consider the current condition of your roof.

Problems with Historical Roofs

There can be many different problems associated with historical roofs. All gutters and downsprouts should be examined to make sure that they are free of debris so that water does not back up causing the roof to leak. Check to see if there is any evidence of ice floes having formed under the roof as this can cause roofing accessories, like flashings, to come loose. Roof fasteners may become covered in rust, so they are no longer effective. If water has penetrated the roof’s underlayer, then wood may have rotted and needs to be replaced before new roofing materials are laid. If you see signs of condensation on the underside of the roof, then you need better ventilation.

Historic American Roof Styles

Over the years, many different types of roofs have been installed on homes in New England. Hipped roofs are most commonly seen on Georgian buildings. Alternatively, beautiful turrets are often seen on Queen Anne homes. Some buildings also have unique Mansard roofs while others have gently sloping roofs like those found on shingle-style homes and bungalows. Restoring your roof to its original shape adds to the beauty of your home, and it can add to its value.

Historic Roofing Materials in America

Many types of roofing materials have been used throughout time in America. Before the American Revolution, the most common roofing material was clay tiles because they would not catch on fire easily. Slate was another popular choice with much of it being imported from Wales. Slate continued to be a popular choice into the 1920s, especially on Tudor-style homes. Wood shingles started being used on many different styles of homes including Victorians, bungalows, Colonial-style and others. The use of metal roofing materials started about the early 19th century. In the beginning, lead and copper were used only on roofs where the slope made using other roofing materials inappropriate. Then, people started lining the outside edges of their roofs with these materials.

While it may take some additional research to determine what roofing materials work best for your historical home, one decision is incredibly easy. Contact ICR Roofing to be your roofing contractor in Baldwin, NY. They have the expertise that you need to inspect your roof and determine its structural integrity. This roofing contractor in Baldwin, NY, has the skills and knowledge to make your roofing project successful.