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Four Roofing Care Tasks to Do Each Spring in NY

Four Roofing Care Tasks to Do Each Spring in NY

Four Roofing Care Tasks to Do Each Spring in NY

Even though your spring cleaning list might seem long and overwhelming, you will feel great when your home is ready for the summer.  When you create your list, don't forget to add your routine roof maintenance.  These roofing tasks will add value to your home by performing routine maintenance to keep your home in the best shape possible for a longer period of time.  As roofing contractors in Baldwin, NY, we recognize the importance of yearly roof maintenance for your New York home.  There are four roofing care tasks you'll want to do each spring when the weather breaks.

Invest in Cleaning Tools

In order to make it easy to perform routine jobs, you want to first equip yourself with the right cleaning tools.  Because your gutters should be cleaned each year, you'll want to invest in a roof cleaning tools.  By having your own, you'll be able to easily perform the job whenever you have time.  If you don't keep these tools handy, you may forget or even neglect to do this job each year, which can lead to clogged gutters and poor drainage.

Perform a Roofing Inspection

Each year, you should set some time aside to perform a basic roof inspection.  Take close look at the features of your roof, the quality of your shingles or tiles, and the cleanliness of your gutters.  Look for any potential issues, such as bent gutters, missing shingles, pooling water, debris buildup, and more.   These eyesores can indicate roofing damage, and you'll want to contact your local roofing contractors in Baldwin, NY for roofing repairs.

Clean your Gutters

You'll want to clean your gutters every spring.  By doing this, you can remove any debris that has built up in your gutters.  Without clean gutters, water will not properly drain away from your house.  Throughout the winter, debris, such as leaves, twigs, and branches, may have made their way into youtr gutters.  This can cause damage to your foundation, which can compromise the structural integrity of your home.  By removing all of the debris that accumulated in your gutters, you ensure that they will work properly during the rainy months.

Inspect for Mold or Algae

In certain areas that are exposed to sun all the time, algae growth may occur.  Be sure that you check for these growths and treat them with algaecide.  If they are left untreated, algae will continue to grow alongside your roof, eventually leading to permanent damage.  Also, you'll want to check for any mold growth.  Mold growth often indicates water damage and will require immediate attention.  If you notice mold growth, contact us to come out and repair your roof.

These are just a few of the roof maintenance jobs you'll want to get done when the weather breaks each year.  To keep your roof in optimal shape, routine care and maintenance is critical.  If you neglect regular care of your New York roof, your roof will not stay in optimal condition for long, especially after enduring a harsh winter.  Contact our quality roofing contractors in Baldwin, NY when you want quality roofing services to complete your spring cleaning checklist.