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Six Small Changes to Update Your Home’s Curb Appeal This Fall

Six Small Changes to Update Your Home’s Curb Appeal This Fall

Six Small Changes to Update Your Home’s Curb Appeal This Fall

Are you tired of looking at the same old appearance when you pull in your driveway?  Do you want to make your home stand out on your block?  When you want to make some changes to your home, you should consider starting with the curb appeal.  Changes to your curb appeal can go a long way in improving the appearance and boosting the character of your property.  These are a few changes you can make to update your home’s curb appeal this fall.

Update Your Front Porch

By updating your front porch, you can change the overall look of your home without needing a full remodel.  You can get a new railing, add a roof over your stoop, or even just paint the wood flooring a new color.  Some of these updates may be small, but they can pack a big punch.  Enhance your front porch with some new furniture so that you can make a large statement without breaking the bank.

Improve Landscaping

When it comes to curb appeal, landscaping is also essential.  Add some fresh new shrubs, flowers, and mulch or stone to your landscaping beds around your home.  This will give your lawn a pop of color and an elegant and fresh look, which can go a long way when it comes to your overall curb appeal.  Consider adding colorful perennials that will come back year-after-year with beautiful blooms.

Get a New Garage Door

Another simple update you may want to make is to get a new garage door.  If you have a garage door on the front of your property, you can update the appearance of your entire house with a fresh, new door.  Consider getting a garage door with some ornate features or windows to match the overall style of your home.

Install New Light Fixtures

Another simple way to update some of the features in the exterior of your home is to install new light fixtures.  If you notice outdated porch lights or patio lights, swap them out for some new, modern light fixtures.  These can make a big difference when it comes to the style of the outside of your home.

Get a New Roof

Another way to boost the curb appeal of your home and increase the value of your home is to get a new roof.  Although this is a costly investment, it will look great on your listing.  People will be thrilled that you have just replaced the roof, as this will take the concern off their shoulders and reassure them that the house is move-in ready.  A new roof will also dramatically update the appearance of the home, and our roofing contractors in Baldwin, NY are here to help.

Clean Your Gutters

Because your gutters are along your roofline, it may be difficult to notice when they are clogged or full.  However, it is recommended to clean your gutters on a routine basis.  Not only can clogged gutters create major eyesores on your curb appeal, but they can also have damaging effects to the structure of your roof and your home.  They can cause your roof to leak, sag, or even collapse from water buildup that isn't properly draining.  

These are just a few small updates that can make a large impact on the curb appeal of your home.  If you are looking to have your roof replaced or repaired, contact our roofing contractors in Baldwin, NY for a free estimate today.